Our Process

Through extensive research and 20+ years working with corporate clients,
Incentive Services, Inc., our strategic partner has developed a model to help
organizations increase productivity. This model, called the performance
improvement process, is based on that same principle:

"The more efficient your company becomes at aligning it's
resources to achieve the right goals, the more productive
it will become."

The first phase of the process is planning, in this phase, two questions must be

  • What is the vision of the organization?
  • Are your people aligned with the vision?

Organization Scan

Our first step towards business improvement is to determine where you are now.
Through our gap analysis, we will review existing programs and procedures to
determine what is wrong, what is not working and what needs to change to help
your organization reach it's goals.

The Performance Strategy

Our next step is to design a performance system that will have an impact on the
behaviors that you've targeted.  All our designs will include the four core
disciplines of performance improvement:

  • Communication: to create awareness
  • Training: to further develop skills
  • Measurements: to analyze performance
  • Rewards: to recognize improvement