Recognition Concepts, TN is a full service performance marketing company that
designs and installs behavior change programs for corporate clients in
conjunction with partners such as Incentive Services, Inc.

Maximizing the Performance of People:

Organizational improvement is dependent on the people in the organization.
Nothing happens without them.  They are the key to initiating, implementing and
managing correct systems, connecting them with customers and creating the
edge to win.

What This Means to You:

It's not enough to come up with the right strategy for your organization.  You
need to be able to implement it and achieve the desired performance of your
people.  A sound performance strategy will energize your organization and
almost guarantee an elevation in performance.

How We Help You Achieve Success:

Recognition concepts, TN, helps you to unlock the power of your business
strategy by unleashing the potential of your people, partners and customers.  We
design and install effective behavioral change programs that will increase your
revenue and profitability.  All programs will include the four critical elements of
performance improvement: communication, training, measurements and

Clients That We Have Helped:

Recognition Concepts, TN, along with our partners like Incentive Services, Inc.,
have developed custom solutions for a wide range of customers across industries
including transportation, manufacturing, retail, financial and healthcare.