Performance Improvement Model

Cornerstones of Recognition and Performance
Improvement Programs

  • Communication (What to do?)
  • Training (How to do it?)
  • Measurements/analysis (How are we doing?)
  • Reinforcement (Want to do it?)

Successful Performance Strategies

  • Elevates the culture (Vision and Expectations)
  • Elevates the behaviors (Day to Day Actions)
  • Elevates the Results (Typically Measured by R.O.I. -Return On Investment)

Targeting the Performance Areas

  • Each performance area has it's own measurable results.
  • Segmented into: cultural, behavioral and bottom-line results.
  • Elevating cultural and behavioral results probably don't have measurable
    bottom-line results.
  • Elevating bottom-line results does have measurable (R.O.I.) results.
  • All three elements are connected and must be integrated into the overall
    strategy to maximize success.