Distributor Sales Program


For this cabinet manufacturer, gaining mind share of distributor sales reps, who
often sell several other cabinet brands, may mean the difference between feast and
famine. A previous travel-only program had failed to drive through performance
objectives, so the managers at this manufacturer knew it would take a dynamic,
eye-catching incentive program to capture the attention of their audience.


  • Increase sales of its products through its distributor sales reps.
  • Increase distributor loyalty to their brand.

Solution Approach

Solution Components Include:

  • A creatively designed program rollout kit, including awards catalog, program
    reference materials, and program enrollment instructions for the online
    registration process.
  • A single awards platform that enables participants to earn points for qualified
    cabinet orders.
  • An online training module which features new product information on a
    monthly basis and E-Marketing platform featuring additional program specials.


  • Distributor enrollment in the program increased 110% over the previous year
  • Sales volume increased 28% over the previous year.
  • Both the manufacturer and the distributors were pleased with the results
    of the program.